It has been a crazy two months and it seems as though it is time to start brewing some different ales. Our End of The Line Pale Ale has been received extremely well in the Portland and Kennebunk areas.  We will be brewing our So Folkin’ Hoppy IPA this coming weekend. Our next expansion will be this coming June when we get two more fermenters, this will allow us to keep brewing different beers through out the year. We appreciate your support and curiosity into our wonderful hand crafted ales and stouts. Thanks!!

2 Responses to Our latest Update!

  • Kelly Matzen says:

    Love the IPA. Had it tonight at Little Tap House. Congratulations. I’m a Baxter Stowaway aficionado but I like your brew. Can I get it retail here in Auburn?


    • abraham says:

      Hi Kelly, Unfortunately we don’t sell in bottles or cans at the moment, Growlers only. We have growler night 4-6 on Fridays!

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