Thanks everyone who tried our beer at the brew fest! We had an awesome time chatting it up and drinking awesome local craft brew.

Hi all, this Friday is meet the brewers at growler night! We have two beers on tap for growlers and samples. We will be opening at 4, so boogie on down.

Photo: we want to stay with small batch brewing as long as we can and these tanks fit the bill!


head brewer  
Thanks to all of you who have supported our efforts in raising money with the CSB (community supported beer)!! There is still some shares left so contact us or stop on by to purchase yours today. This CSB includes 20 weeks of beer! 



Brew master/ founder

Hi all!! We are in the process of making a smoked rye! Smokiness goes well with barbecues and oddly enough beer, probably due to beers earthy flavors. It will have delicious flavors of smoked malts with a nice rye and caramel malt backbone. We also used Chinook hops to accompany the spicy earthy flavors this beer is known for. Add in a clean fermenting yeast and our farms beautiful well water and I think we have something here! We will be updating our site soon on all our upcoming fall and winter ales and stouts.


Thanks to all who support us!!!!




Master Brewer/founder

It has been a crazy two months and it seems as though it is time to start brewing some different ales. Our End of The Line Pale Ale has been received extremely well in the Portland and Kennebunk areas.  We will be brewing our So Folkin’ Hoppy IPA this coming weekend. Our next expansion will be this coming June when we get two more fermenters, this will allow us to keep brewing different beers through out the year. We appreciate your support and curiosity into our wonderful hand crafted ales and stouts. Thanks!!
friday night at the great lost bear-5 -7 end of the line pale ale release party-see everyone there-cheers

Finally we have come to the end of the licensing approval process!! Can we please brew now already?!
Here are some pictures of our new brewery, all cleaned up and almost ready to brew! 

My father and I just traveled down to Hadley Mass. to Valley Malt where we picked up our first order of pale malt for brewing. The grain was grown at Harris Farm in Lyman, Me. Soon it will become IPA, pale ale, oatmeal milk stout, smoked bourbon porter, or saison! 

We just had the new garage and front door installed….Now if we could just brew beer!
The construction on the brewery started a couple months ago and is in full force. We have cut a hole in the floor for the floor drain and a holding tank will be in the ground soon. All the waste water will be recycled! The cold room is also under construction. The cold room will be housing kegs and holding tanks for delicious beer. 

We received our new 1/6  kegs the other day…all I want to do is fill them full of yummy beer!
New Kegs!We designed our new 3.5 bbl conical fermenter and 3.5 bbl bright tank and had them built, starting in June 2012, at McCann Fabrications in New Glouster Maine…

Our new Conical fermenter is almost done…. :-D

The Bright Tank…ie. The Beer Monster

 We finally picked them up about a month ago, they are now at their new home in the Brewery!!

Around the end of April my father (Paul) and I had submitted our small brewery applications to get our licence to brew beer! After some snafu’s we had had to resubmit our application and it was accepted on August 30th. We are still waiting for that infamous phone call from the TTB letting us know we are on our way to getting the licence approved. Over the past couple of weeks I have been calling them and letting them know we are still alive and waiting. There were some issues with the way the form was filled, missing info or unchecked boxes, nothing to serious that should hold us back…..still waiting…. :-)  I will keep you updated.

As of today (November 14 2012)  we are in our final review for our federal brewery application! We should have our brewers notice in one week or so!!

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